VFCA strives to be data driven in its decision making process regarding the school and its students. To be data driven, we conduct a variety of assessments on campus. These tools allow us to evaluate a students spiritual, physical, and academic progress. 

The VFCA Assessment program offers the following annual assessments:

  • 9-weeks report cards
  •  Progress/Praise report (as requested)
  •  Presidential Fitness Program (K5-12th as applicable)
  •  Spiritual Assessment (K5-12th)
  •  ACT Aspire (3rd-10th)
  •  Otis-Lennon School Ability Test-8 Ed.  (K5-8th)
  •  STAR Reading and Math Assessments (1st-12th as applicable)
  •  Accelerated Reader Program (1st-6th)
  • PSAT (10th)
  • ACT (11th and 12th)