The intervention program at VFCA involves working with students who have mild to moderate learning challenges or other hindrances to learning that can be accommodated within the school's present program. 

There are currently 2 levels of service available.

Level 1 - Classroom support provided by the teacher, the educational interventionist, and possibly a THRIVE volunteer.

Level 2 - Support in addition to Level 1 which is provided by a certified special education teacher who may instruct students in small groups or in a one-on-one learning session either in the classroom or in an area outside of the classroom. Level 2 support may also involve before and after school tutoring as well.

It is recommended that students who have known special learning needs and are seeking enrollment at Valley Fellowship Christian Academy have current evaluations to provide to the administration.  Our goal is to serve as many students with special learning needs as our program resources are able to support. The intervention program will be expanding to include students with greater learning needs in the future. 

 We also have a group of volunteers that support our intervention efforts through the THRIVE program.  THRIVE volunteers come for scheduled periods of time each week to work with individual students on math or reading.