Little Valley Academy utilizes the A Beka Curriculum to teach and train preschoolers. LVA’s attentive focus on the Word of God, along with precise faith-based instruction offered from the A Beka books, provides the strongest spiritual and educational foundation for your child. Our children are taught from a Christian worldview implementing moral character and academic excellence in all areas of life. LVA partners with Christian parents and exists as an extension of the Christian home to help parents fulfill that responsibility. Focusing on the holistic approach in all areas of the body, mind and spirit of the child.


LVA Programs

Infant              6 weeks to 10 months

Waddler           10 months to 18 months

Toddler            18 months to 24 months

Beginner          2 years old

Primary            21/2 - 3 years old

Pre-K 3            3 years old

Pre-K 4            4 years old


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