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VFCA announces open enrollment for VFCA Online


If you are looking for online options for your student, you can now enroll in VFCA Online.  Our Valley Fellowship Christian Academy Online gives students from around the globe the opportunity to join the Valley Fellowship Christian Academy family. Our online academy is fully accredited by SACS, just like VFCA.  The online academy is utilized to meet a variety of needs such as:  home schooling, distance learning, advanced placement, dual enrollment, credit recovery and summer school. Online courses are available for the 3rd-12th grades.  Students in those grades can complete full grade level courses from home or wherever internet access is available.  VFCA provides the covering by facilitating all the administrative functions needed.  

Families who are interested in enrolling in our online academy must fill out VFCA’s application and indicate their interest in the online program.  Once the enrollment process is complete and acceptance granted, VFCA will work with families and students to select appropriate coursework. Throughout the enrollment process, families will be sent notifications and reminders via email to assist them in the process, providing timely follow-up with a personal touch. To start your online enrollment process today, click on the "Online Academy Forms" section and click the Admissions Application.

For home school and distance learning students, those students must enroll in the full course load assigned for their appropriate grade.  All coursework must be completed in the time allotted in order for grades to be earned.  Report cards and transcripts will be provided by VFCA once completion has been confirmed.  

For advanced placement or dual enrollment students, courses must be approved by the administration prior to enrollment.  Upon completion of coursework, grades will be posted to transcripts provided by VFCA. 

For credit recovery and summer school students, courses must be approved or are assigned by the administration.  Upon completion of coursework, grades will be posted to transcripts provided by VFCA.

In order to graduate, students must have met all graduation requirements and all assigned coursework must be complete.  Upon completion, a diploma will be granted.  Students who earn a diploma from VFCA onlime may take part in the graduation ceremony.  

If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact VFCA at he main school office by calling 256 533 5248 or email your questions to:


Contact Info:

Phone: 256-533-5248
Email: vfca@valleyfellowship.com